Tobias Brox

This is the personal home page of Tobias Brox. This page was created 2015-10 I have a full time work, three children, and lots and lots of projects in the pipeline, maintaining those web pages is NOT a priority.

History of my home pages

My first personal "home pages" appeared on the Internet in the 90s (1996?). They were hosted at the University of Tromsø. I wrote articles about hitch hiking, roller skating and lots of other things, and I added quite some photos to those pages. In 1998 I met the lady who later became my wife - she found my web pages through a popular search engine of that time (Altavista?).

I rarely maintained those web pages, but I was allowed to have them maybe more than a decade after I stopped studying. I believe I still have a backup of it somewhere.

After those web pages "expired" I didn't bother to set up new personal pages for many years. It's kind of weird - I made home pages for my house, for my boats ... but until 2015-10, I didn't bother to set up a new personal home page. Until I realized that a google search for my name and nick came up with non-relevant stuff. Time to recreate my personal home page!


Scams are everywhere - I've been hurt quite badly up through the times.

In April 2018 there has been some few cases where the scammer presented himself as Tobias Brox to some victim ... "Olav", he will present himself as Olav towards me, he will buy bitcoin from me and sell a clock to Olav. Olav pays me money, I pay bitcoins to the scammer, the scammer does not send any clock to Olav, and Olav gets upset with me since I apparently ran away with his money without sending him any clock.

In such a case Olav has been scammed, and I have inadverently aided a scammer. Olav will typically try to get in touch with me and ask for the money back. If I would comply, I would end up being the scammed victim, and Olav has inadverently aided the scammer.

I'm so far aware of three incidents where the scenario above have happened, all during April 2018. With the first case luckily "Olav" contacted me before paying for the item, with the two other cases the victims insist on a full payback.

In general, for victims that have lost less than 10 kNOK I can offer to pay back half the money (such that "Olav" and I both are victims, sharing the bill), on the following conditions:

Contact information

To reach me, email is king. I often respond faster to emails than to SMS'es or phone calls (after all, emails can be read from any device). Try eventually (don't store that email address - that's a throw-away address, email addresses on web pages tend to attract a lot of spam). My phone number is +47-91700050. I don't like SMS'es. I'm tobixen at IRC, on all the big networks.

GPG keys: B14605A5 (for work purposes: C40DEF4E)

Trading bitcoins?

I've written some Norwegian text on how to trade bitcoins in Norway.

Profiles on the web


I'm married with Katja, and our children Sebastian, Samuel and Sonja was born in 2004, 2011 and 2013.

(Work in process)

House and boats