Buying/selling crypto currencies

I'm converting between fiat and crypto currencies domestically in the Norwegian market:


(Work in progress; still some currencies missing here)
I want to
Base amount:
Please be aware that this is a non-binding quote;
  1. This was my first serious attempt on writing some javascript so there may be bugs in the calculation.
  2. The rates fluctuates all the time; unless we have an explicit appointment it's the price quote when the trade is finalized that counts.
  3. I may not have enough crypto/fiat available to fullfil the trade.
Be aware that there is no "official" market rate for those crypto currencies. Sometimes you may experience that you get too little, other times you may experience that you get too much:
  1. The last "sell"-price on an individual exchange may jump up and down due to the spread, and there may sometimes be significant deviations in the market on two different exchanges (for instance, Bitstamp is typically cheaper than other exchanges due to stringent KYC-routines on people buying bitcoins from Bitstamp). My rates are based on the average of highest bid and lowest offer on Bitstamp and Kraken. I will probably add gdax in the near-term future, plus fix the algorithm so that one exchange can go haywire without affecting the rate that much.
  2. The EUR markets and USD markets are not always in sync, often the USD markets are cheaper than the EUR markets. I'm intending to add some weighting, the EUR-markets are more relevant for us, as it's a lot less friction on EUR bank transfers within SEPA than bank transfers with USD target currency.
  3. There does not exist any exact live and public currency rates either; the rates may vary with several percent when asking different sources. As most currency markets are closed down during the weekends, the uncertainity grows significantly during the weekends.
  4. The Norwegian market is not always in sync with the international markets. There doesn't exist much reliable market information here as most of the trades are done OTC. It seems to me that the Norwegian market prices generally are above the international rate, sometimes as much as 3%. (that's one of the reasons why my sales commission may be relatively high). The Norwegian market also seems to be dominated by people actively trying to "buy the dips" and "sell on top", there tends to be seller markets every time the rate has gone down significantly.
If you for various reasons don't trust my rates, we may appoint to use some other rate, but that has to be appointed good time in advance. I'll soon find myself drained for money if you choose the most favorable "market rate" you can find on the time of trade.

Initialize a trade

I'm considering automating quite much stuff here ... but as for now, this is rather manual. You can get in touch with me through email, phone +47-91700050, tobixen at IRC, Telegram, Toshi and Wickr.

Current commissions

(updated 2018-01-11)
For gold transactions, the coins are considered to be worth as much as the current sales price at

Current rates

The rates are available here: For XAU, check sales price for Canadian Maple Leaf coins on For XMR, ZEC, XRP and LTC ... currently I'm using the coinmarketcap USD rate multiplied with the USD rate above.

Job offers

I estimate it's three hours of work totally, and I will pay 0.1 ETH for getting this done.

Next, a small API server storing inputs into a database, and javascript posting the form inputs to the API, preferably in JSON format.